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Stage48 Countdown: Episode 234 (Best MC/Host Members) !!

Honorable Mentions15) Matsui Jurina (4 Points)14) Takahashi Minami (5 Points)13) Shibuya Nagisa (6 Points)12) Kato Rumi (7 Points)11) Yamamoto Sayaka (8 Points) Top 1010) Kashiwagi Yuki (9 Points)9) Okada Nana (10 Points)8) Sutou Ririka (11 Points)7) Akimoto Sayaka (13 Points)6) Nachu (15 Points)5) Noro Kayo (16 Points)4) Oya Shizuka (24 Points)3) Miyazaki Miho (29 Points)2)… Read More »

Takahashi Juri Last activies announced !!

AKB48’s Official blog has revealed the final activites for AKB48 Member Takahashi Juri’s Graduation. Graduation Theater Performance: May 2, 2019 Final Handshake Event: May 6, 2019 Source: AKB48 Official Blog Source: Ok

Team 8 to take part in Toyota Car Rental CM !!

Anounced yesterday at AKB48’s Team 8 5th Anniversary Concert, They announced that all Team 8 Members (expect Honda Hitomi and the girls who have announced their graduation whcih means it will be 41 members for this) will be taking part in a new upcoming commerical for Toyota Car Rental. Source: Team 8 Official Site Source:… Read More »