Yamaguchi Maho Relative: Yamaguchi Maho is considering leaving NGT48 !!

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Niigata’s local newspaper “The Niigata Nippon” recently did an interview with a relative of NGT48 Member Yamaguchi Maho’s relative. Here is a translation of it (Translation credit goes to @Cisalpine88 on Stage48)

“Shed light on the truth”

On the 13th of this month, Yamaguchi-san’s family relative has agreed to answer to an interview by Niigata Nippo, over the issue in which Yamaguchi Maho-san (23), of the idol group NGT48 active in our prefecture, ended up victim to physical harm. The relative told us that what Yamaguchi-san herself is requesting for is that “the true facts will be made clear, along with appropriate countermeasure for the group”, adding that they are placing close attention on the report of the third-party committee, which will soon come to a conclusion, as well as the response from the management company AKS.

Based on what is said by the prefectural police department, on December 8 last year, Yamaguchi-san suffered a physical assault at her own residence building in the city of Niigata, when two men grabbed her by the face with their hands and then pinned her down, among other things.
Citing what is said by her relative, which chose to respond to our interview this time, “On the moment when she was just about to close the door of her own apartment, the men then went on to force it back open without saying a single word”, they recounted. Bringing up the fact that the men were already in possession of a understanding of her own living conditions down to the small details, Yamaguchi-san later went on to denounce to the management side that “There are other members involved in leaking personal informations outside”, they told.
Even so, when at the information meeting for the families and guardians, the management side explained instead that such a member “had been accosted for a talk at the time she was returning home”, while on the official site it was released that “Among the members, no one have committed illegal actions”. Yamaguchi-san was reported as having felt indignant at the way “the incident is being downplayed”.
Regarding Yamaguchi-san’s condition following the incident, the relative recalled how “She couldn’t help crying just by remembering it all again for a moment, she was terrified of the outside, and couldn’t bring herself to step out of the house”.

At the request of Yamaguchi-san, on January said relative had accompanied her by car all the way to a certain food-making company in the city of Niigata, which was one of the sponsors at the time. “It’s going to be troubling if we have our sponsors stepping down, so I want to give my apologies”, Yamaguchi-san said, and it took as much as 30 minutes of persuading her while at the parking lot before they could make her desist, they said.
“This is how important she is considering NGT to be”, the relative said while adding on the other hand, “Maho is contemplating how she might as well resign from NGT at this point. However, if she is gone without the group itself changing anything about itself, she fears that the same thing is going to happen once again to other members as well, and so she is requesting for countermeasures”, they said relaying Yamaguchi-san’s own sentiment.

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